Organic Wool Mattress Toppers
Since wool is the most breathable of all bedding materials, your body will love sleeping on top of our organic wool mattress toppers. They come in three luxurious options: Deep Sleep Topper, Ultimate Topper and Happy Lamb Fleece Topper.
​Deep Sleep Topper
​This is a perfect choice for adding just a little more softness to your mattress, but not the full loft of The Ultimate Wool Topper

​​​​Ultimate Topper
​​​​This best seller is for sleepers who like a deep plush pillow top. The Ultimate has 50% more wool than the regular Deep Sleep.

​​​Happy Lamb Fleece Topper
​​​​​​This is pure delight! Imagine a soft lambswool sheepskin minus the skin. Introducing a sustainable lambswool made by weaving the super soft Premium Eco-Wool into a backing of organic cotton. Wool fibers are approximately 1.5" high. This is a wonderful alternative to sheepskin. It is an all natural product and the softness is unmatched. Place the Happy Lamb Fleece on top of your mattress. Small sizes are great for traveling away from home. It is very therapeutic for anyone who has to spend a long time in bed (i.e. bed sores) and can be helpful for people dealing with fibromyalgia. It is incredibly healing, breathable and great for circulation.

Moisture Barriers/Puddle Pads
​The purpose of this product is to protect your mattress naturally from the everyday wear and tear. Made with slightly felted and tightly woven wool that is naturally water repellent. The napped surface absorbs moisture and keeps dampness from getting through. So whether it's sweating or children in the bed who sometimes go in the night- you're covered. This is an essential item for parents of little ones. Available in bassinet all the way to king sizes.

Deep Sleep Topper
Ultimate Topper
Happy Lamb Fleece Topper
Moisture Barriers/Puddle Pads