Susan Bahl began the natural path to interior health in 1989 when after several years in the interior design field she developed sensitivity to the chemicals inherent in synthetic carpet. Realizing that she was among the growing numbers of multiple-chemically sensitive individuals, she started researching the purest, most natural alternatives to the products. To her surprise these products were still available, mostly in Europe where natural products remain in demand because of their incredible beauty and serviceability.

Our mission has been to bring harmony into your home with natural, low-toxic choices. We have helped thousands to create a living environment by providing safe, beautiful, and durable products for home and office. By purchasing natural materials the health of the Earth and you and your family will be protected.
Our bodies have an innate wisdom which has been ignored for too long. We invite you to experience this wisdom with your own senses. Wool carpet and truly clean, natural products such as our organic sheets and bedding are not just healthy choices for you and the planet, they feel good.

The terms: ‘eco-friendly’, ‘ Earth-friendly’, and ‘green’ have become catch phrases for some products which do not, in truth, support the health of the planet or our bodies. Because synthetic carpet can be produced by recycling other petroleum based products it is thought to be ‘green’, but recycling plastic is in no way a ‘clean and green’ process.

Our goal is to help educate our customers and provide them with the purest, natural products for their home interiors. Whether you are chemically sensitive or whether you simply consider beauty, comfort and durability a necessity and not a luxury, we invite you to discover the difference with Natural Home Products.