Organic Wool Pillows
Hand made wool pillows stuffed with natural wool batting and covered with luxurious sateen fabric. Available in light fill, regular fill and extra thick
Essential wool pillow
Woolley "down" pillow
The newest and most popular wool pillow! Made with tiny wool puffs that are on par with that of a feather pillow. This is a medium thick pillow and can be added to by 3 and 6 ounce increments. 
Wool wrapped latex pillow
This pillow is truly the best of both worlds. If you like a pillow that has plenty of substance, but still has the breathability benefits of the wool then you will love this pillow. It has zero compression, great for side and back sleepers and works well against the headboard or wall for sitting up and reading.
Orthopedic neck pillow
This is a orthepedic pillow developed with a chiropractor to align your back at night. This is akin to the temper pedic pillow but ALL NATURAL!  The 2 contoured neck bolsters on either side (thick side and a thin side) let you choose how much neck support you need. The design allows your head to lay on a flat cozy surface while your neck is properly supported and in cervical alignment with your spine.
Body Pillows
 Full body
Body Buddy
Treat yourself to a Full Body Pillow. This full length pillow is designed for those who like body support. For side sleepers, hugging a body pillow between your legs and arms can provide excellent support and comfort. They are essential during pregnancy.
For those of you who just need a little support between your arms and your legs but do not like to have a lot of bulk in bed. This pillow is shorter in both width and length